Friday, November 18, 2011

Last hair update

OK, hubby got to see my hair today when he ran home at lunch.  He said it's different, but he likes it.

*Smart man, huh?*

Mawmaw happened to be standing there when he said it and I could see her looking at me.  Now, she's been in the same room with me about a gazillion times since I colored it and I KNOW she never noticed.

So, she loooooookkkkkkkkssssss at me then waits until hubby starts to leave the room and says:

Now, Tina, I have to say something.  I see you changed your hair.  I liked it better the old way.

I told her that that was fine, it's not her hair.  She walked out.

Then I turned to hubby and said this:

I made her a hair appt. for next week with Sheila.
Remind me afterwards to tell her she looks like a surprised poodle.

(She gets a TIGHT perm and her eyebrows colored super dark brown and every hair on her head is gray,
so her eyebrows are QUITE noticable.)


Erin said...

Wouldn't you have been shocked if she'd have told you how fantastic your hair looked? LOL... oh someday I hope to terrorize my future daughter in law! :)

BrokenRoadFarm said...

LOL!! There times I want to say what it on my mind...but my mouth usually filters it for me :-) Thank goodness!