Thursday, November 17, 2011

The truth about water

OK, short diversion with info. just so you know the back story.

I teach the Truth and Training section of the Awana program at our church.  What you really need to know about this is that I have a room of kids that range from the third grade to the sixth grade.  So, kids that are roughly 8-12 years old.

We have a portion where we play games in the gym (read that as we burn off energy so they can then sit still and study for a and as we are leaving gym I always remind them that THIS is your time to get a drink and go to the restroom, so take advantage of it because I know you just played hard and need it.

Last night another lady brought snacks for the kids and she brought in a big pitcher of ice water for them to  drink.

One boy asked me if he could go get a drink at the water fountain.

One, you had the chance to do that earlier and, two, you're about to get some water in 5 minutes with snack.

He told me he didn't like "THAT" water, he only likes water from water fountains because it's filtered and tastes better.

I told him that, no, it's not.  It's cooled, if needed, but otherwise it's the same water that comes out of the faucet in the kitchen.

He really didn't believe me.

I asked the rest of the kids and only a few stated it was 'regular' water.

FIELD TRIP!  (OK, really, we just went back to the gym, but work with me here.)
Stopped at the supply closet and grabbed a small tool box and then we went to the water fountains.

Ours are very similar to these, but older in styling.

So, I showed them all where the water line for the fountain goes to the wall and attaches to the same water supply that the rest of the water goes through.  Then we popped off the side of the fountain and showed them the cooling parts.  I asked them to find the filter.

Right, can't find what's not there.

We put the side back on and went back to our room and talked about it some more, about how we often think things are true because we've heard it somewhere, but just a bit of investigating can help you find out for sure.  Great group of kids and I'm glad it came up.

That boy?  The one who doesn't like "THAT" water?  He drank two glasses with a big ole smile on his face!


Carolyn Renee said...

Great lesson!

Oh, did the kids notice your new hairdo??? :)

Tina - Our Rustic Roots said...

Yes, the kids at church DID notice, immediately. So it's just MY kids that pay no attention to how I look. Good to know! lol

Erin said...

This is AWESOME! LOL, I'm just picturing you headed o the supply closet :)