Friday, March 23, 2012

Copycat, that's me!

Ok, a while back Carolyn Renee and Rhiannon at Krazo Acres made dandelion fritters.

I'd never heard of making fritters with dandelions.  I've eaten the greens in salads.  I knew you could make jelly, although it doesn't peak my interest.  I knew you could make wine, but I don't like wine, lol.  So, basically, I've been leaving the flowers alone and just using the greens.

Until this year.  When I learned about fritters!

Fried dough with dandelions?  I can try that!

We picked dandelions.  (We picked flowers for the fritters and greens for our dinner salad.)

I made up the batter following CR's instructions.  I'm a messy cook, as you can see.  lol

Mine didn't turn out as pretty as CR's did, but I was happy with them.  Oh!  I must admit, the first few were quite flat so I added a tiny bit of baking powder to the remaining batter to poof them up a bit.  :)

Then we tried them.  I put powdered sugar on some for the boys.  To me they taste like the funnel cakes we used to get at the county fair.   Except, of course, that they have dandelions in them.

The verdict?

I liked them, hubby liked them, one son liked them, one son tolerated them and one didn't like them.   What was sort of funny to me was that the one that didn't like them was the one that was the most excited about making and trying them!  Poor guy!

Thanks for the inspiration, Carolyn Renee and Rhiannon!!!


Erin said...

This sounds fun, who would have thought? :)

Carolyn Renee said...

I'm telling ya, got something the kids wont eat? Dip it in fritter batter, fry it up and dust it with powdered sugar!

Although that is probably defeating the "healthy" aspect of those foods the kids usually wont eat though, hugh? Oh well.